ClearFX System


Extreme Hardness

The cross-linked framework of crystallized particle microns decrease space between porous cavities, making the surface much stronger. This means less scratching and decreased susceptibility to damage.

Intense hydrophobicity

The resulting high-density polymer chains naturally repel water and crystallize into perfect geometric patterns. This structure renders the vehicle's surface impervious to particles with less refined characteristics such as dirt and road grime. Kipping your vehicle clean longer.

Powerfull protection

The ClearFX system creates high UV and environmental protection, keeping your vehicle safe from harmful and damaging elements during everyday use.

Brilliant shine

ClearFX provides long-lasting luster and depth. Bringing radiant beauty to your vehicle’s surface for years and keeping it looking new.

What is attogenetic surface engineering?

The clearfx attogenetic surface engineering system is based on silica attogenetic technology, with improvements in both resistance and longevity when compared to other nanotechnology protection products available in the automotive industry today.

Unlike the glass or ceramic coatings found in the industry today that work to create a film of protection atop the final layer of your vehicle’s paint, the clearfx system engages beyond the surface. it actually works to re-engineer the surface structure itself on an ultra molecular level, breaching the deep, porous cavities of any automotive finish. Сlearfx sales and strengthens the engineering of your vehicle’s paint by increasing structural volume and hardness while providing a top layer film of protection at the same time. Сlearfx guarantees to be the best form of protection for your paint!

Professionally applied in a specialized controlled environment to ensure maximum quality and efficiency, the clearfx system leaves a high intensity of visual clarity and colour contrast once cured. The resulting surface provides a superhydrophobic and extremely scratch-resistant layer of high-gloss protection that lasts for years and won’t wash off!


ClearFX Exterior

Clearfx exterior is simply the most refined and effective way to manage and maximize your vehicle’s finish. it provides an added intensity to your vehicle’s paint clarity as well as strengthening its core structure to enhance scratch resistance and provide extreme durability. 

Compatible with all vehicle paint finishes, clearfx maintains a 9h rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. a qualitative ordinal scale that characterizes the scratch resistance of a surface, the Mohs scale of hardness defines a range of values from 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest, to provide some perspective in terms of what the 9h rating of clearfx means on a tangible level, an example of a 10h rating on the Mohs scale is that of nature’s hardest materials: a diamond! 

The incredible hydrophobic properties of clearfx create an exterior surface that is much more resistant to potentially harmful contaminants such as acid rain, bird droppings, industrial fallout and ultraviolet (UV) rays. The result is a vehicle that maintains a brilliant and clean shine enjoyable for years to come. 

ClearFX Interior

Clearfx interior works to hydrate and soften interior surfaces such as leather, all while adding a hydrophobic and damage-resistant layer of protection. Clearfx interior targets the deep pores of both automotive leather and synthetic leather material. 

This unique alternative action of our attogenetic surface engineering system helps to repair and strengthen weak or aged cells within the material receiving the application. Clearfx interior will not dry out or age leather material, but will keep it looking and feeling great. Its amazing liquid displacement properties will aid in preserving the integrity of your interior’s appearance, while also ensuring that regular cleaning is a breeze.

ClearFX Wheel

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